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Heartwarming Tale: Shelter Dog and Goat Form Unbreakable Friendship


Arrival at the Shelter

Cinnamon, the goat, and Felix, the dog, ended up at the Wake County Animal Shelter due to their owner’s health challenges, which prevented them from receiving proper care. The shelter personnel immediately noticed the unbreakable connection between the two upon their arrival.

Unwavering Devotion

Despite attempts to separate them for intake examinations, Cinnamon adamantly remained by Felix’s side. Acknowledging their profound bond, the shelter made it a priority to keep them together, even if it required seeking an unconventional solution.

A Unique Dilemma

Although multiple rescue organizations expressed willingness to take them in, accommodating both Cinnamon and Felix presented a logistical hurdle. The shelter actively pursued a resolution that would respect their companionship and secure a nurturing forever home for them.

A Perfect Match

Gratefully, with the assistance of The Mr. Mo Project, a committed rescue collaborator, Cinnamon and Felix discovered their perfect sanctuary on Jacquie Bankes’ North Carolina farm. In this nurturing environment, they could flourish together and relish the carefree existence they rightly deserved.

From Shelter to Sanctuary

Under Jacquie’s care, Cinnamon and Felix flourished, embracing their roles as siblings. Their heartwarming journey serves as a testament to the enduring bonds animals form and the lengths we go to ensure their happiness.