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Teacher’s Compassion: A Daily Visitor Finds Shelter at School


Dogs who are lost or living on the streets often exhibit a common behavior of seeking assistance from humans, albeit in a polite manner.

Typically, these dogs display reluctance in approaching humans too closely, opting instead to linger in the vicinity, hopeful for attention and aid.

This narrative centers on a particular dog that frequented the grounds of a school, patiently awaiting rescue from its precarious existence.

A Sweet Everyday Welcome

Source: Caleb Schaffer via The Dodo

Upon arriving at his elementary school workplace in Houston, Texas, Caleb Schaffer, a teacher, encountered a dog near the entrance, prompting his curiosity regarding the animal’s presence.

The dog appeared intrigued by Schaffer’s presence, displaying a constant wagging of its tail. However, with teaching responsibilities demanding his attention, Schaffer had no choice but to proceed with his duties, leaving the dog behind.

In an interview with The Dodo, Schaffer remarked, “He was positioned just outside the main entrance, and his tail began wagging enthusiastically upon spotting me.”

After pondering extensively about assisting the distressed dog, he took the opportunity to check on its whereabouts after class. 

To his dismay, the dog was conspicuously absent, presumably startled by attempts from local animal shelter personnel to apprehend it.

Nevertheless, the following morning saw the dog’s return to the school entrance, initiating a repetitive sequence of events. 

Upon closer inspection, Schaffer observed the dog’s deteriorating skin condition and emaciated appearance, compelling him to make a resolve to extend aid during the next encounter at school.

Third Time’s A Charm 

Source: Facebook

On the third day, the familiar scene unfolded once again. Determined not to let the opportunity slip away, Schaffer decided to take action. He ushered the dog into his car and brought him home, requesting his wife’s assistance in providing company until his return from work.

Upon concluding his school duties, Schaffer contemplated ways to aid the dog. However, his attempts to contact rescue organizations in Texas proved futile due to their overwhelming capacity.

Undeterred, he resorted to an alternative plan, opting to transport the dog to the local animal shelter where he could receive essential medical attention and grooming.

Reflecting on his decision, Schaffer remarked, “I reckoned even basic veterinary care at the shelter would be preferable to the dog’s current suffering.”

The dog, now dubbed Clive, garnered attention on Facebook, capturing the interest of Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, who promptly arranged foster care for him.

Source: Facebook

Some time has passed since this event, but Schaffer still likes talking about this story with his students and reminding them about the need to help stray animals.

He said: There are so many strays everywhere here. It’s given me an opportunity to talk about spaying, neutering, heartworm prevention, and the reality of shelters.

A lot of time has passed since Clive was taken into foster care, and it’s unclear if he was adopted, but one thing is certain, and it’s that he is a well-mannered and happy dog who deserves all the love in the world.