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Meet Zuu The Cat, Who Looks Like A Ball Of Fluff

Zuu is a cat who is similar to a ball of fluff in appearance. His facial expressions make him ideal for creating memes. Zuu’s tiny eyes and markings on his fur contribute to his grumpy looks. This cat shares his living space with another two cats named Bocco and Mr. P. And all three are good buds. Zuu’s owner, has created an Instagram account, and she shares images of her cats daily on the social media platform.

Zuu is an Exotic Longhair while Bocco is an Exotic Shorthair. “Bocco is a shy boy and not used to strangers, but he loves getting a massage from me and stalks me around everywhere in the house. Zuu is more open to others and not afraid of dogs that he meets in the park,” She expressed. One look at their images and you are sure to be entertained.

#1. When someone tests you by trying to get on your nerves.

#2. Do not disturb!

#3. This ball of fluff got attitude.

#4. Someone doesn’t seem to be pleased with the great outdoors.

#5. Student halfway through a boring lecture.

#6. Half-asleep.

#7. A real-life depiction of me every morning.

#8. Now what is this fascinating thing that feels smooth against my paws?

#9. When life gets you down to the extent you can’t get back up.

#10. The look you give your boyfriend when he tries to annoy you.

#11. That one friend who can fall asleep wherever he goes.

#12. I don’t think anyone would want to mess with this cat.

#13. Just chilling with my best bud.

#14. When you stand there looking like what the heck is going on.

#15. Me with that friend who is always extra dramatic.

#16. Enjoying your day off like.

#17. Why the hell is this thing pressed against my nose?

#18. Grumpy cat rocking the tongue-out pose.

#19. We got grumpy over here and hungry on the other side.

#20. How you look when you’re sunbathing.

Image Credit & More Info; Instagram