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These Men Declared That They Never Wanted To Have A Cat

If you love cats, you definitely want to own one in your house. But sadly, your husbands or boyfriends don’t like cats. They even declare that cats are stupid and that they never want to have one. But don’t worry, because you and your beloved cat can, indeed, turn someone into a cat person in just a matter of seconds. Cats have their own ways of showing their love to people who hate them. And that’s not a myth; there are a lot of proofs showing that cats can make everyone like them.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see the funny photo proofs for yourself. These boyfriends and husbands said that they didn’t like cats, and look at them now. They fell in love with cats they never wanted!

#1. I don’t want to hold a kitten


#2. “‘I don’t want a kitten, I’m not a cat person!’ A week later…”


#3. “Dad four months ago didn’t even want a cat… Now look at him”


#4. “My dad claims to hate my cat. turns out he takes selfies with her.”


#5. “I live alone…didn’t want a pet. Workmate suggested she bring a kitten over that needed a home. Been together a year now.”


#6. “Boyfriend claims to hate my cat…came home to this”


#7. “My grandfather didn’t want a cat and now he shares snacks with Tiger (one of the cats he’s rescued from his barn)”


#8. “And he didn’t even want a cat…”


#9. “I pretend I don’t like my roommates cat. But when he’s at work, we hangout.”


#10. “My boyfriend doesn’t love cats, so I was worried about bringing home this orphan rescue. Now, they won’t leave each other alone.”


#11. “He claims he doesn’t like cats but currently refusing to disturb sleeping cat to get up and pull the curtains ….”


#12. “Boyfriend said he didn’t want another cat…”


#13. “‘I really hate your cat’ indeed….”


#14. “My dad hates cats.”


#15. “Growing up, my grandpa hated cats and told me that when my cats died I wasn’t allowed to get more under his roof. They died. I got another. This is my grandpa.”


#16. “My friend’s dad didn’t want a cat. She just sent me this.”


#17. “My dad hates cats. He just sent me this while babysitting my cat.”


#18. “My boyfriend always said he didn’t want to get a cat… this is them five minutes after meeting.”


#19. “Got a kitty. Roommate said he doesn’t like cats. Came home to this.”


#20. “I always considered myself to be more of a dog person, but a co-worker brought this little guy in and I couldn’t help myself”